2 Hot Girls in the Shower
Q&A: An Education

Q: Dear 2 Hot Girls on the Shower,  
I have just spent the evening watching all of your videos, starting with no. 1 and up to the last one, instead of working on my dissertation.  Just how big a loser does that make me? 
Confused in San Mateo

A: Dear San Mateo,
When you get that PhD, we’re gonna call you DOCTOR Loser.  That’s how big a loser you are.  It really sickens us that while some people are working diligently not to miss one episode of Jersey Shore, you have the GALL to sit around making yourself a “smarter” “more valuable” member of society.  What’s next?  You gonna cure some fatal disease or discover something the world has never heard of before?  You make us sick.  Good day sir!  We said good DAY!
2 Hot Girls

P.S. Kim says thank you for your nice compliment that she left off this post and the answer is “only surgically.”

Episode #5 “Hair” The mere presence of special guest comedian Maz Jobrani was enough to get this extremely G-rated episode “flagged” on You Tube as possibly being “unsuitable for minors.”  We’re pretty sad about that because we think Maz is hilarious.  On a completely unrelated note, you can see here that we used baby oil to make ourselves appear wet in early episodes.  But because Kim hates it (“it makes me feel slimy”) and you can’t really tell, we abolished it after a few more episodes.  It got in our hair too.  You should totally check out Maz’s stand up DVD “Brown and Friendly.” We can attest that he is both of those things and more.


Episode #4 “Prom.”  Kim and Julie write 2 Hot Girls together but often Julie is the one who pens the first draft and the “things I’ve learned about sex” list at the end of this episode is straight from her demented little brain.  Their love of all things random is just one of the many things that unite Kim and Julie.  Other things include a fear of spiders and plain ol’ codependency.

Episode #3 “Pain Relief” was the last of the initial 3 episode batch that we shot all together.  We figured if anybody saw the first three and liked ‘em we’d keep making ‘em.  After the first weekend, each of the first 3 episodes had been viewed over 1,000 times.  Not bad for a series that wasn’t really publicized, ‘cept through the Gorgeous Tiny fans.  ‘Course the title didn’t really hurt.  For the most part, the comments then mirror the comments today: first wave is complimentary, second is merely insulting, third is insulting but with the caveat that commenters would still do one or the other or both of us in appropriate and not so appropriate places.  Yay for the anonymity of YouTube!

P.S. the Mom’s voice at the end of this episode is voiced in double time by none other than Greg Benson, Kim’s husband. (Thanks @alalcoolj for asking)

Q&A: Pancreas

Q: Dear 2 Hot Girls in the Shower,

The doctor says my blood sugar is bad because my pancreas is failing from my eating disorder which causes me to eat a lot of frosting.  Couldn’t I just get a pancreas transplant so I can keep eating frosting?


Confused in Gary, Indiana

A: Dear Gary,

We are not doctors so the following advice should be taken at your own risk (though we’re pretty sure medical science would agree):

Yes you could totally get a pancreas transplant and continue to eat frosting.


2 Hot Girls

Episode #2 “Sudoku” remains one of our favorites to date, mostly due to the look that Kim gives to Julie after Julie points at her when she reads “one of you is Asian.”  We’re still  working out the relationship between the 2 Hot Girls and Kim’s attitude toward Julie has a bit more bite in these early eps than in later ones.

Q&A: Older Men

Q: Dear 2 Hot Girls In The Shower,

How can I get older men to stop liking me? It’s really starting to get on my nerves…


Confused in New York (Sophia)

A: Dear Confused New York Sophia…

First of all, older men will only stop liking you when you stop having the name “Sophia.”  That’s a name that just reeks of sex appeal.  Let’s say I’m an older man looking to bring in some job applicants based solely on their resumes.  Who do I want bending over to pick up stuff I intentionally dropped on the floor?  Maude?  No.  Harold?  No.  Sophia?  Bingo baby!  Change your name to an ugly girl name.  Like “Frances” or “Olga” or “Cellulite.”

Second of all, stop going up to older men and saying “You want some of this?”


2 Hot Girls

Take a trip down memory lane with 2 Hot Girls in the Shower as we review all of our episodes in order starting with #1.  Not only can you watch our hair and makeup change considerably (with varying degrees of success and the occasional abject failure) you can also see Kim become more comfortable, then less comfortable,  then more comfortable again with technology including Sapphire Lighting Effects and color correction.

People on YouTube often leave comments asking if we’re lesbians.  And by “people” we mean 13 year-old boys and by “lesbians” we mean Lezbeins.  But looking back, we now realize this first episode implies that something is a little different about our relationship.  Codependency or Lezbeinism?  We just hope we haven’t offended the Lezbein community. Or the Codependent community. Or our mothers.

We’ll post all the episodes in order over the next couple of weeks.  Because we are completists.  Or anal retentive and obsessive compulsive. Whichever makes you love us more.

2 Hot Girls in the Shower FAQ

They may not be hot and they may not be girls but they are in the shower and here to answer all of your burning questions, beginning with those frequently asked:

Q: What the hell is this?

A: 2 Hot Girls in the Shower is a PG-rated comedy advice show for mature adults who enjoy immature comedy.

Q:  Where are the two hot girls?

A:  On the left-hand side of the screen.  You just can’t see them.  But they’re there.  All hot and young and stuff.  Too bad for you…

Q: Wait, you said you “may not be girls.”  Does that mean you’re trannies?

A: What else could it possibly mean?

Q: Why don’t you pan down a little?

A: Because then you would see our boobs.  Duh.

Q: Are you lesbians?

A: Come on! It’s 2010. Can’t a girl just appear to be naked in a shower with another girl without people making all these crazy assumptions?

Q:  Is this supposed to be funny?

A:  Yes.  It is dumb humor for smart people.

Q:  So…you’re saying that if I don’t think this is funny then I’m dumb?

A:  Look at the silly monkey!

Q:  I watched your stupid video.  Can I have the last two minutes of my life back?

A:  Ummmm….no.  Time travel is currently impossible. But in the future, ABSOLUTELY!  We’re sure you’ll use it wisely next time.

Q:  Why don’t you get a life and stop wasting your time making these lame videos that aren’t funny?

A:  Master says we must make videos.  We must do what Master says.

Q:  Are you on Facebook and Twitter and MySpace?

A:  Yes! Become a fan/follower/friend!




Q: Are the questions you answer actual questions from fans or do you make them up yourselves?

A: Yes.